Project Description

Our Therapist and Colour Implantation specialist who will help you to improve and correct your beauty problems with colour implants into the skin, creating beautiful shaped eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, lip line and beauty spots

Since the beginning of time, women have sought the look of beautiful eyes.
Tradition has it that Cleopatra was the inventor of the powered eye cosmetic, kohl, and for centuries after, women have continued to beautify their eyes.

Now medical science and cosmetology have merged together to create a new technique for enhancing eyes, eyebrows and lips: Implanting a thin dark line along the upper and lower lids to replace the conventional eye-liner. A semi-permanent eyeliner using colour of a vegetable and mineral origin, unlike the permanent ink tatooists use.

The machine used to perform the pigment implantation treatment is a combination of safety, simplicity and the latest in tecnological advancement. Unique safety features were designed to comply with current sterilisation guide-lines, set by the Centre for the Disease Control Agency of the United States.

Powder Fill Brows
Powder effect brows are a defined look, a blanket of colour is implanted into the skin. This technique may be the best option for oily skins, or those who like to use pencil or powder to define their brows.
Featherstroke/Hairstroke Brows
Tiny hair strokes are etched into the skin by hand with acupuncture needles, this technique is also called Microblading. Nita will advise whether this technique alone is suitable for your skin type and look.
Full Upper Eyeliner
This can be a lash enhancement to a winged liner. This is layered into the skin for optimum effect.
Bottom Eyeliner45min$250
Full Lip Liner1hour$300
Full Lip1hour$350