Meet our Team

Orly Boutique was founded in 1996 by Melody. In that time, our experienced technicians have painted thousands of nails. The combination of high quality products, years of experience and knowledgeable staff means we stand behind our work and gurantee superior quality.
Orly Boutique, every hand a polished performance. We invite you to browse through the portfolios of our staff below, to determine which of our lovely professionals best suits your needs.

MelodySalon Owner | Senior Nail Technician
Melody (better known as Mel) is the owner and Director of Orly Boutique. She explains why she set up the salon:
Mel’s love of nails started long before she became a nail technician. Every three weeks, Mel would get a full manicure done by the very talented, albeit forgetful Roni, and walk out with gorgeous glossy nails.

In 1996, Roni declared that she was moving back to America, Mel panicked! “Who on earth would do my nails?!”. After declaring my crisis to Roni, she offered to train me, and having experienced her skill level, and being a walking advertisement of her work for years, I jumped at the chance. Initially my plan was to do only my own nails, but found that I enjoyed the process so much, friends and family were soon lining up.

As talented as Roni was, she could never remember anything I told her in my previous appointments, so as I started in my business I made a vow to remember what my clients told me. To this day I have developed wonderful relationships with my clients. Together, we have laughed, cried, and made priceless memories.

Through word of mouth, Mel’s client base grew and before she knew it twenty-two years had passed.
Two of her clients, Carole and Fiona, have been with her since day one. Another client, Pat, comes from the Hawkes Bay to get her nails done. The nails Melody creates are amazing but her favourite treatment is pedicures, she loves transforming neglected feet.

AbigailReceptionist/Social Media Guru
Abigail started coming to the salon at 3 weeks old, now 18 years later she’s obsessed with getting her nails done. You can find Abigail with the craziest nails which are the longest in the Orly family. She thinks it’s amazing having a Mother who owns a nail salon. Abigail is usually at the salon on Saturday’s helping with all the behind the scene’s things and sorting all our social media. Abigail will soon be starting a nail course to learn how to do nails herself.
NitaColour Implant Specialist
Therapist and Colour Implantation specialist who will help you to improve and correct your beauty problems with colour implants into the skin, creating beautiful shaped eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, lip line and beauty spots.