Bridal Party

Our bridal parties are designed to make you and your wedding party feel pampered and look beautiful for your big day. Not only are the bubbles & nibbles complimentary but also an extensive range of tea and coffees too.
We only require a 20% deposit and allow for bookings up to a year in advance. We require a minimum of 3 people for a bridal party and can accommodate up to 10. We have a private off the street and spacious salon for everyone to relax in.

This means not only you and your bridesmaids can get pampered but also the flower girls, mother of the bride/groom, and grandparents!

Package 1

$330Per Group
  • 3 x Gel Manicures
  • 3 x Gel Pedicures
  • Extra bridesmaid/bridesman: $110

Package 2

$570Per Group
  • 1 x Full set of acrylics or hard gels
  • 2 x Gel manicures
  • 3 x Luxe gel pedicures

Groom’s Party

Who said only the ladies can get pampered? With men’s grooming on the rise, why not be the best man-icured one at the wedding! We only require a 20% deposit and allow for bookings up to a year in advance. Since the groom’s hands are going to be photographed one hundred times they will need to be manicured. But why stop with just the groom? Bring all the boys too (the chairs fit people over 6ft tall so no excuses)! With complimentary beer & bites and even free wifi, you will have a ball. No need to get embarrassed if someone sees you in the salon as they won’t – our salon is private and off the street. We require a minimum of 3 people for a groom’s party and can accommodate up to 10.

 A bridal party and groom’s party can be done at the same time. E.g. 5 ladies for the bridal party and 5 men for the groom’s party in the same booking/time slot.

Package 1

$240Per Group
  • 3 x Regular Man Man-icures
  • 3 x Regular Man Pedicures

Package 2

$420Per Group
  • 3 x Luxe Man Man-icures
  • 3 x Luxe Man Pedicures