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Discover the newest techniques in gel and acrylic enhancements and unleash your creative potential.

Located in Lower Hutt within Orly Boutique, Melody Hatch has been expertly and successfully trained Nail Technicians from all over New Zealand, Australia and beyond, since 1999.

Build Your Income As A Nail Technician!

Did you know that the rate of New Zealand men and women (and overseas visitors) wanting – no, needing – their nails done by qualified Nail Technicians is growing more and more rapidly. And there simply aren’t enough qualified Nail Technicians to keep up with this huge demand!

If you are looking for a well paid, permanent trade – one with prospects of advancement – one that will allow you to open your own business or work from your own home – one that will allow you to travel overseas and be in great demand – then why not give some serious thought to becoming a Qualified Nail Technician!

Why train with Melody?

Orly Boutique was the chosen salon to do Sir Christopher Lee’s nails when he played Saruman in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the salon favoured by several famous NZ personalities and/or their wives and girlfriends. Many regulars, who have been coming to us since the 90’s are still having their nails done here. Some travelling the length of the country every 3 weeks to do it.


Our nail technicians are all trained by Melody (just as you will be) and all adhere to her strict standards because uniformity, consistency and our valued clients’ satisfaction with all our services is of paramount importance to us.


Your exclusive trainer will be Melody and your training will take place in a very pleasant and friendly working salon environment.


Melody trains only one or two students at a time, to ensure maximum benefits to you.


Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to find out more, get in touch and we’ll email you all the information you’ll need!

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